1. San Carlos Lights

    I walk slowly, feeling more than seeing the other souls that wake to the moon. We share the protective blanket of the night that will be torn away when the moon drifts downward, and the shadows hide on the pavement. Darkness is melting into messy streaks of color. The day…

  2. Beach Violets

    Reflections skim the water and toss dreams into my thoughts. A silent breeze gently stirs clouds marinating in pink threads. Pier lights defy the coming day as their soul drips to the water below. Beach violets tango with abandon on purple water, weaving a sunrise tapestry. 

  3. Resolution

    Questions swirl in my subconscious. Doubts question my ambitions. Objections assault my goals. Bring in the tide; I am resolute. I can stand firm against tribulations and overcome obstacles. I must resolutely safeguard my dreams and accomplish my goals.

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